Logan Reserve

This newly developed, 121 place childcare centre located in Logan Reserve was completed and sold in April of 2022. The property is situated in one of Brisbane’s fastest-growing regions, with major residential development occurring in the area. The property’s location along a major road connecting Chambers Flat/Logan Village to Marsden/Loganlea adds to its value, making it easily accessible to the surrounding areas. The immediate population of 36,800 residents has seen a 2.9% annual growth rate over the past 5 years. The total area of the property is 3404m², and features a total GFA of 818m², with an additional 860m² of outdoor play area.

Good Life Kindergarten & Child Care, a family-owned and operated business, is the tenant of the property. Their management team has a background in Paediatric Nursing, Health Care, Early Childhood, and Child Psychology, and they have successfully run five other centres in SEQ for over 9 years.


Developer: OneFin

Builder: Hutchinson Builders

Tenant: Goodlife Kindergarten & Child Care