Creation of OneFin

Creation of OneFin

November 1, 2021News

OneFin Pty Ltd was formed by two individuals, Will Griffin and Steve Jones, of whom bring significant experience and expertise within residential and commercial property investment.

Will brings impressive bio to the OneFin director team having spent the last 15 years building and managing a diversified portfolio of property assets within the Denmac Nominees portfolio. He has developed a unique niche in the commercial property sector, successfully developing numerous service stations, tyre and mechanical centres, industrial sheds, childcare centres, and other commercial sites leading him to become a prominent identity within the industry with an impressive network of connections among national businesses. This was a natural step for Will, such is his history stemming from his relation to the Denmac family group, which founded one of Brisbane’s leading motor vehicle dealerships in the 1960s before being sold in the early 2000s. Will currently sits as CEO of Denmac Nominees, while being executive director for the BTC Properties, Start Property and waste management business, Bioflo.

Steve is an experienced manager who brings significant value to the firm through a variety of skillsets. As a founder of what became a BRW Top 100 Accounting firm, he has immense experience in asset management, mergers and acquisitions, property development, equity syndication and capital management. Assisting in over $500,000,000 in developments and investments, Steve is widely respected among every firm he is a part of and provides a vast array of leadership experience. He currently acts as executive director of SRJ Walker Wayland, BTC Properties, Start Property and as a Group Executive for Pikos Group, one of SEQ’s leading residential property development firms.

Their unique partnership has evolved over many years and ultimately culminated in creating OneFin, a company to consolidate their impressive portfolios and to facilitate the development of their extensive pipeline of sites. OneFin is a development firm with an experienced team passionate about the art of creating value for the firm through strategic investments whilst exceeding the expectations from our tenants.